Sirwan Ajman

Sirwan Ajman

Health-Conscious Café Owner and Contributing Writer
Food writing
Cookware reviews
Coffee making

Location: Dubai, UAE


  • Health-Conscious Cafe Owner and Writer with a unique perspective on culinary arts.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and holds multiple content marketing certifications.
  • Taught English content writing to non-native speakers and has written for numerous online publications.


Sirwan Ajman is a savvy cafe owner and a skilled food writer. Sirwan's writing is fueled by his love for cooking, making it rich and relatable. His writing covers a wide array of topics, but he shines brightest when writing about the culinary arts.

Sirwan brings the kitchen to his readers, sharing insights gained from running his cafe. When covering any topic, Sirwan doesn't just scratch the surface; he dives deep. His research is thorough, his planning strategic, all aimed at delivering articles that are easily digestible for the average home cook.

When he’s not writing or cooking, you’ll find him biking or solving puzzles.

Sirwan dreams of expanding his cafe and delving deeper into coffee artistry with a barista course.


  • Earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from AL Ain University of Science and Technology in Dubai.
  • Certified in "Content Marketing Fundamentals" and "Role of Content" from SEMRush.
  • Additional certifications from SEMRush include "Getting Ideas for On-Page Optimization," "The Basics of SEO Content," "SEO Fundamentals," and "Technical SEO."

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