Sirwan Ajman

Sirwan Ajman

Health-Conscious Café Owner and Freelance Writer
Food writing
Cookware reviews


  • Health-Conscious Cafe Owner and Freelance Content Writer with a unique perspective on culinary arts.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and has multiple certifications from SEMRush in areas like Content Marketing Fundamentals, Technical SEO, and On-Page Optimization.
  • Taught English content writing to non-native speakers and has written for numerous online publications.


Sirwan Ajman is not just a cafe owner but a freelance content writer who brings a distinct blend of passion for food and the art of writing. Spanning across various subjects, Sirwan's primary affection lies within the culinary world, where he seamlessly integrates his love for cooking into articles that resonate with readers across the board. Having written for multiple renowned online publications, his work, though often under a pen name, speaks volumes about his adaptability and finesse in content creation. Sirwan is also known for his impeccable research skills and strategic planning that goes into each article, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds the standards of currently ranking content. Beyond his professional pursuits, Sirwan's love for food extends to his cafe where he experiments with different recipes, aiming to tantalize the taste buds of his customers. Outside of the culinary realm, he finds joy in biking and challenging his cognitive abilities with jigsaw puzzles. As he looks to the future, his ambition remains undeterred. Currently, he's focused on expanding his cafe business, with plans to dive deep into the world of coffee through an advanced barista course.


  • Earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from AL Ain University of Science and Technology in Dubai.
  • Certified in "Content Marketing Fundamentals" and "Role of Content" from SEMRush.
  • Additional certifications from SEMRush include "Getting Ideas for On-Page Optimization," "The Basics of SEO Content," "SEO Fundamentals," and "Technical SEO."

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