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Sirwan Ajman
Sirwan Ajman

Sirwan Ajman

Sirwan writes cooking guides and product reviews for The Skillful Cook. In his writing, he draws from his experience running a health-conscious café.

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If you’re like me, you have a thing for supporting local businesses and enjoying American craftsmanship. 

Unfortunately, not many ceramic pots and pans are made in the US. To write this guide, I did extensive research to find US-made ceramic cookware, and the best alternatives. 

Our Favorite US-Made Ceramic Pans

  1. Best (And Only!) Ceramic Nonstick Skillet: Verde Ceramic Nonstick 8″ Skillet
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  2. Best Ceramic Earthen Cookware: Miriam’s Earthenware Ceramic Cookware
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  3. Alternative: Best Pure Ceramic Cookware: Xtrema Signature Skillet
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  4. Alternative: Best EU-manufactured Ceramic Pan: Zwilling Carrara Plus
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  5. Alternative: Best Nonstick Pan Made in the US: Made In Nonstick Frying Pan
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Are There Ceramic Nonstick Pans Made in the US?

Unfortunately, there are very few ceramic nonstick pans made in the US. I – and the other members of our team – have conducted extensive research on cookware made exclusively in the US, but the NordicWare Verde is the only ceramic one I could find. (At least we have one, right?)

There are many cookware brands with headquarters in the US that manufacture their products overseas. Examples are Made In and Blue Diamond – established American brands that produce their cookware outside the US. Some American brands, like Calphalon, produce only a handful of their product lines on American soil – and usually, those don’t include ceramic.

Best Ceramic Cookware Made in the US

When I say “ceramic cookware,” I’m referring to metal pans with a nonstick ceramic coating. This is different from “pure ceramic” cookware  – which is a kind of earthenware made of clay with no metal core. 

My top picks for both categories, plus alternatives, can be found in the list below.

Verde Ceramic Nonstick 8″ Skillet

Best US-Made Ceramic Nonstick
Verde Ceramic Nonstick 8" Skillet

This is the only US-made ceramic nonstick cookware that I found. 

Nordicware is a family-owned company that has been operating in Minnesota since 1946. The company has a huge selection of bakeware, cookware, kitchenware, and grillware products, all made in its factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It also sources most of its supplies from North American vendors. 

Sizes available:
  • 8”
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This 8” skillet is made of an aluminized steel core with a ceramic nonstick coating. These materials are compliant with the California Health and Safety Code. This means the ceramic coating is free of PFOA, PFAS, or PTFE. 

According to the product description on Nordicware’s website, the pan and its ceramic coating are produced in the US. But the silicone handle is sourced from China. 

This ceramic-coated pan is 8” and suitable for a small family or meals. If you need a larger skillet, go for the 10” or 12” options.


  • Induction ready
  • Oven-safe
  • Great heat conduction
  • Long walls to prevent splashing
  • Easy-pour spouts


  • High price
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The deep sides aren’t good for stir-frying

Best Earthen Ceramic Cookware Made in the US: Miriam’s Earthenware Ceramic Cookware

Best Earthen Ceramic Cookware Made in the US
Miriam’s Earthenware Ceramic Cookware

A very unconventional pan, this one is made in the US with pure ceramic materials – i.e., clay. It may have no resemblance to regular ceramic-coated pots and pans. But its raw materials and manufacturing process are so interesting that it made this list. 

Miriam Cookware sources its all-natural clay inside the US.

Sizes available:
  • 1.25qt
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It is non-toxic and additive-free and offers a nonstick surface with a natural finish that’s smooth and glossy. Their handcrafted pots and pans offer great heat retention and promote healthier cooking as the domed lid keeps moisture and flavors trapped. 


  • Healthy and non-toxic
  • Cute shape
  • Great heat retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-burnished and nonstick


  • Not suitable for stir-frying or searing
  • Heavy
  • Prone to breaking

Alternatives to American-Made Ceramic Cookware

So, our quest for ceramic nonstick cookware that’s actually made in the US led to one brand. 

But I’d like to offer some alternatives.

Here are some cookware pieces that are either not ceramic, but made in the US. Or they are ceramic but made in another country by a reputable manufacturer with third-party safety testing.

Best Nonstick Pan Made in the US: Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

Best Nonstick Pan Made in the US
Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

Made In is an American brand that produces its cookware in the US and Italy. This nonstick pan is made in Tennessee with the company’s award-winning 5-ply stainless steel. 

Colors / Design:
  • Graphite, Habour Blue
Sizes available:
  • 10”
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The 5-ply structure gives it exceptionally even heating, and the two-layered nonstick coating offers easy-release cooking. The handle isn’t plastic or silicon, but it’s their proprietary hollow Stay Cool Handle™, made of steel with an ergonomic design. 


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Great nonstick quality
  • Compatible with all stovetops


  • Heavy (2.5 pounds and not easy to flip food)
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No lids

Best Pure Ceramic Cookware: Xtrema Signature Skillet

Best Pure Ceramic Cookware
Xtrema Signature Skillet

This product is neither made in the US nor ceramic-coated – but it’s pure ceramic instead. If you haven’t tried pure ceramic, consider it a great alternative to nonstick, since it lasts so much longer.

Pure ceramic cookware is made of natural clay fired at high temperatures and shaped into cookware with a smooth, semi-nonstick nonstick surface. 

Sizes available:
  • 7”, 9”, 11”
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Xtrema Cookware is a Maryland, US, company, but its products are handmade in China. Its overseas factory complies with US regulations, including California Proposition 65.

Xtrema is one of the most transparent cookware brands regarding third-party safety testing. Xtrema cookware goes through rigorous testing to ensure it doesn’t contain leachable heavy metals or other toxins.

This Xtrema Signature skillet is scratch-resistant. It’s not 100% nonstick, but, with a bit of trial and error, you can master the ideal heat to make it nonstick. 


  • High heat retention
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant


  • Takes longer to heat
  • Can break if you drop it
  • No lid

Best EU-manufactured Ceramic Pan: Zwilling Carrara Plus

Best EU-manufactured Ceramic Pan
Zwilling Carrara Plus

Zwilling is the parent company of many famous brands, including Staub and Ballarini. It has factories in several different countries, including China, Italy, Japan, and France. This Carrara Plus frying pan is made in Italy and complies with EU standards – which are often more strict than US ones. 

Sizes available:
  • 10”
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Made of a pure aluminum core, this pan is lightweight and offers excellent heat distribution. The ergonomic handles stay cool during cooking. Since they’re not riveted on the inside, the pan is a breeze to clean. 

Still, this ceramic pan has shortcomings that are common to all ceramic-coated cookware. The ceramic coating doesn’t last long; it loses its nonstick properties after 1-2 years.

If you decide to purchase this product, make sure it reads “Made in Italy” on the bottom.


  • Compatible with all stovetops
  • Great nonstick qualities
  • Beautiful color


  • No lid (although you can purchase the universal lid)
  • Not durable nonstick quality 
  • Screwed handles can come loose

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Farberware made in the USA?  

No, this American company stopped making in the US when purchased by Meyer in 1996/97. You can find vintage Farberware cookware that was made in the US, but today, most of its products are made in China. 

Where is Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Made?

Xtrema ceramic cookware is made in China. Corporate headquarters are in Maryland. According to the company’s website, they decided to move their production line to China since they have better access to high-quality ceramic materials and more skilled craftsmanship. 

Are Caraway Pans Made in the US?

Caraway pans are some of the highest-rated ceramic cookware. But Caraway products are not made in the US. The company started as an American company based in New York, but it produces its cookware in China. 

Where is GreenPan Cookware Made?

GreenPan Cookware is made in China. GreenPan is a Belgian company that designs its products in its Belgian offices. But the cookware is made in its Chinese factories, alongside its other brands including Blue Diamond and Green Chef.

Conclusion: What’s the Safest Ceramic Cookware You Can Buy?

The best American-made ceramic cookware is the Verde Ceramic Nonstick 8″ Skillet made by Nordic Ware. This skillet is made of quality materials that comply with American standards and safety regulations. However, I have similar confidence in the Zwilling Carrara Plus, made in Italy.

If you come across other brands of US-made ceramic cookware, please let us know in the comments!

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