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Welcome to The Skillful Cook! We are here to provide you with recipes, culinary advice, and expert-vetted cookware reviews.

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Our Mission

Our mission is multifold:

  • Bring families and friends together over delicious, home-cooked meals.
  • Share culinary knowledge that can turn any cooking novice into a pro.
  • Guide you in finding the best cookware, ensuring you get great value without compromising on safety or health.

Our Story

Our tale began in 2013 when The Kiwi Cook sprouted as a personal cooking blog, dedicated to sharing delectable recipes. But just like a recipe that evolves with each addition, so did our ambitions and our brand.

Ten years down the line, our love for food grew beyond recipes. Recognizing a need for reliable culinary advice and genuine reviews, we rebranded to The Skillful Cook. We aim to be the ultimate culinary guide, a place where aspiring chefs and home cooks can gather, learn, and share.

But our essence remains untouched – it’s still about the love of food, the joy of sharing, and the passion for culinary exploration. As we’ve grown, so has our community. Thousands now turn to us every day for guidance, and we couldn’t be prouder and more grateful.

Who We Are

  • Culinary Enthusiasts: Leading our charge are experienced culinary experts. Their years in kitchens, big and small, have furnished them with insights that they now share with our community.
  • Product Testers: Before a product even gets a nod from us, it goes through rigorous real-life testing. We dissect every nook and cranny, ensuring we put our stamp only on the best products.
  • Medical Validators: Not just about taste. We care about bringing you the facts. That’s where our medical professionals come in, ensuring all health-related claims are factual.
  • Support Team: Behind every successful article, guide, and review are our editors, designers, and tech team. Their combined efforts ensure a smooth user experience, visually appealing design, and content that is both helpful and engaging.

Meet Our Team

Ellyn Eddy

Ellyn Eddy

Title: Author, professional writer & editor

Location: Chicago, IL, USA.

Experience: Pro author and content writer since 2005. Her “mom resume” includes investigating all things food and wellness.

About Ellyn

When Ellyn moved to Chicago, she was dazzled by the array of produce and cuisines available in the city. Now armed with a pantry of exotic ingredients, a shelf of nutrition books, and a bit of international travel experience, she loves creating healthy and beautiful meals.

And, of course, since she inherited the “writing gene,” she has to tell everyone about what she learns.

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Dr Harshi Dhingra, MD

Dr Harshi Dhingra, MBBS, MD

Title: Medical Doctor

Location: Bathinda, India

Education: Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

About Harshi

Dr. Harshi Dhingra, a distinguished Pathologist, earned her MBBS from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University and an MD in Pathology from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Renowned for her contributions in diagnostics and research, her work is prominently featured on Research Gate and Google Scholar.

Thanks to her extensive education, she also undertakes roles in teaching, consulting, and medical content review, showcasing her multifaceted expertise in the medical field.

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Amy Hand

Amy Hand

Title: Professional Pastry Chef

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Education: Diploma in Patisserie from Silwood School of Cookery.

Experience: 4 years as a professional pastry chef, 3+ years as a food writer.

About Amy

After finding the chef life a little too high-paced, Amy decided to use her cooking skills to teach others through food writing. She uses her knowledge as a pastry chef and experience as a head chef to write articles that are helpful and entertaining to the average home cook.

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Sirwan Ajman

Sirwan Ajman

Title: Culinary writer and food enthusiast.

Location: United Arab Emirates.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Experience: 3 years as a health-conscious café owner, 4+ years as a food writer.

About Sirwan

Sirwan is a culinary enthusiast who can spend hours in the kitchen. He enjoys experimenting with new flavors through spices, sauces, and different cooking methods. He loves to try out dishes from all corners of the world, with a particular fondness for the bold and vibrant flavors of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

Sirwan is also the proud owner of a health-conscious café where he serves up wholesome drinks, sandwiches, and salads. He dreams of one day opening a large restaurant and expanding to multiple locations. 

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Belinda Woodhouse

Belinda (Bel) Woodhouse

Title: Professional Food and Travel Writer

Location: Yucatán, Mexico.

Experience: 6+ years of experience writing for large online publications

About Bel

Belinda “Bel” Woodhouse is a standout food and travel writer, known for her stories as International Living’s Mexico Correspondent. She expertly mixes the tastes and stories of the Yucatán with her travels around the world. As a writer, Belinda brings places and flavors to life, and her work in different magazines and websites shows her love and skill for the subject.

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Ellisha Rader

Ellisha Rader Mannering

Title: Professional Food Writer.

Location: Ohio, USA.

Education: Hocking College.

Experience: 15+ years as a food writer.

About Ellisha

Ellisha has been a freelance writer for over 15 years. She loves to cook, try new recipes, and learn about the science of food. She loves cooking for her family, planning meals for parties and special occasions, and coming up with new and original recipes that feature unique flavors. She enjoys combining her knowledge of cooking and recipes with her writing skills to inspire others to try new cooking techniques and flavors.

Susan Knaap

Susan Knaap, AKA Kiwi Cook

Title: Recipe Writer (Retired)

Location: New Zealand

Education: Whitecliffe College

Experience: 15+ years as a food writer.

About Susan

Meet Susan, also known as the Kiwi Cook, hailing from the beautiful country of New Zealand. With a unique heritage blending Dutch, British, and Kiwi roots, Susan grew up enjoying a diverse range of meals prepared by her mother. It wasn’t until the age of 50 that she discovered her own passion for cooking when a new oven ignited her love for baking and experimenting with an ever-growing collection of kitchen gadgets and ingredients.

Susan stopped food blogging in 2021 and is no longer contributing to this site, but her delightful recipes remain available for everyone to enjoy.

Our Responsibility

In an online space cluttered with misinformation, our role goes beyond being just another website. Our key values are simplicity and honesty.

  • Real Experience From Real People: Every piece comes from years of hard-earned experience. All our articles are written by real people who have lived and breathed the culinary world.
  • Fact Above Fiction: Every article goes through a rigorous review process. We dissect studies, debunk myths, and present you with advice that stands firm on scientific grounds.
  • Beyond Brand Claims: We stand firm on authenticity. Every product recommendation is based on deep research, tests, and usage; not brand promises. We test, sift through countless reviews, look beyond fancy advertising, and bring you the raw, unadulterated truth.
  • Affiliation with Integrity: The Skillful Cook takes advantage of affiliate programs to pay for our operational expenses. However, our product rankings are based on rigorous research, testing, and analysis. Our referral links do not affect our product recommendations.

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