Amy Hand

Amy Hand

Professional pastry chef and food writer
Bread baking


  • Pastry Chef and Professional Food Writer with deep expertise in desserts, baking, and bread baking.
  • Diploma in Patisserie from Silwood School of Cookery, South Africa's premier cooking school.
  • Dedicated to helping home chefs achieve professional results with insightful articles and product guides.


Amy Hand, having earned a diploma in Patisserie from the Silwood School of Cookery, turned to the culinary world with a passion for desserts and breads. As a professional food writer, Amy specializes in sharing techniques and insights that elevate the skills of home chefs. Her articles and product guides are designed not just to inform but to inspire. With a philosophy of taking life slowly, Amy believes in taking things slowly, which leads to a richer flavor in her writing. She breaks each topic into digestible chunks, ensuring depth and detail in every piece. Beyond her professional writing, Amy is an enthusiastic reader, an avid YouTuber, a skilled crocheter, and a doting plant parent.


Amy began her journey with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. However, her love for culinary arts led her to earn a diploma in Patisserie from the Silwood School of Cookery in South Africa. Further enhancing her expertise, she took short courses in bread baking and confectionary from the renowned Prue Leith Cooking School.

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