Gotham Steel StackMaster Review- Is it Worth Your Money?

Amy Hand
Amy Hand

Amy Hand

Amy worked as the head pastry chef and the head chef at multiple restaurants in South Africa. She now shares her professional insights about cooking and kitchen tools here at The Skillful Cook.

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For years I coveted the Gotham Hammered Steel 15pc Cookware Set because of its powerful nonstick and stunning hammered copper exterior. But I was always put off getting them because I didn’t have the space to store them. So I was very excited to discover this Gotham Steel StackMaster 17-piece Cookware Set! It has all of the nonstick and aesthetic qualities that I wanted but with a specially designed stacking ability that helps you store the whole set with ease.

Investing in a whole cookware set can be daunting but if you choose one that is long-lasting and well made then it’s well worth the money. That’s what you get with the Gotham Steel StackMaster Set. The durable aluminum and powerful, PFOA-free nonstick coating means that this cookware set can last you a lifetime if you take care of it.


  • Easy to store
  • Pot for every need
  • Effective nonstick
  • Visually attractive


  • Moderate to high cost
  • Not scratch resistant
  • Handles get hot

Is a Gotham Steel Stackmaster Cookware Set Right for You?

Overall, I highly recommend the Gotham Steel StackMaster Cookware Set for anyone who loves cooking but lacks the space to store your cookware. This set stacks away easily to take up 25% less space than another set of the same size so you can have quality long lasting cookware with an excellent nonstick coating even if you live in an apartment or small space.

I would especially recommend this set for young people who are just moving out on their own or couples who are joining households because it has absolutely everything you need down to the utensils. But if you already have a collection of random pots and pans then I suggest buying individual pots instead of buying the whole set. It also doesn’t include any very large pans that would be helpful for cooking for a large family, or if you host a lot.

Before buying you should consider:

  • How much space you have for storage
  • How often you cook
  • Which types of pans you use most often

Features & Benefits

What’s Included in a Gotham Steel Stackmaster Set?

One of the reasons I think this set stands above its competitors is how many pieces you get. Most sets contain 11 to 15 pieces while this set includes 17 pieces including the tempered glass lids. In my eyes, this makes it a perfect all-in-one set that will fully equip your cookware drawer in one purchase. But there are smaller options available like the 7 pieces and 15 pieces if you don’t want to buy such a large set.

Full Set
Gotham Steel Stackmaster Nonstick Pots & Pans Set

This StackMaster set contains:

✅ 8-inch fry pan

✅ 10-inch frypan

✅ 2.75qt saucepan with lid

✅ 3.5qt saucepan with lid

✅ 3.75qt saute pan with lid

✅ 5.35qt stock pot with lid

✅ Fry basket

✅ Steamer ring

✅ Spatula

✅ Spoon

✅ Pasta spoon

✅ Ladle

✅ Strainer

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I really like the addition of the steamer ring and fry basket. They are not often included in cookware sets but they add two more levels of functionality to these pots that makes them even more worth the investment.

These particular pots with the copper-look exterior and the Cast Texture interior can’t be bought separately as they are designed to stack together. But there are a large variety of both aluminum and stainless steel pans available from Gotham Steel in the Cast Texture and TiCerama that can be bought separately.

Materials and Construction

Although Gotham Steel is an American company based in New York the pans themselves are made in China. Despite the name, these Gotham Steel pans are made from aluminum with stainless steel handles. Aluminum is a great conductor and creates quick, even heat, which is why it is so popular as a cookware material. There is also a stainless steel ring set into the bottom of each pan to make them induction compatible.

Nowadays, I never buy a pan that’s not nonstick so that is a huge factor for me when choosing a cookware set. Most importantly I want my non-stick to be PFOA-free and free of any harmful chemicals that will leech into the food.

The StackMaster set uses a nonstick finish that is called Cast Texture. It imitates the texture of cast iron, which creates a great sear while maintaining a powerful nonstick finish that makes cooking and clean up easy.

The coating is made from 3 layers of diamond-reinforced ceramic and titanium that is PFOA, lead, and cadmium-free and so you can be sure that it is completely safe to cook on. This is not the type of nonstick that can be used on its own, however. You will need to use a little butter or oil but a fraction of what you would usually use.

The combination of the aluminum, steel, and Cast Texture coating makes these pans incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Use and Versatility

If you’re looking for versatility in your cookware then look no further than the GothamSteel StackMaster! They are suitable for every cooktop including glass, gas, electric, and induction. They are also oven-safe up to 500 °F. But I urge you to use these pans on medium to low heat for the best performance, as high temperatures can reduce the life of the nonstick coating.

Gotham steel stackmaster use and versatility

There is a pan available for almost every eventuality and cooking style. If you like frying steak or making eggs then the fry pans are perfect. The saute pans are great for making sauces and one pot meals. The stock pot is ideal for soups and stews especially since it can be placed in the oven for slow cooking. The fry basket and steamer ring allows you to convert one of the bigger pots into a steamer or easy to use deep fryer, which makes these pans even more multi-use!


I know we’re all thinking about it, but a huge selling point to this cookware set is the appearance. Real copper pans are so beautiful but they are reactive and hard to maintain. These copper-look pans allow you to take advantage of the ease of cooking with aluminum while still appreciating the stunning look of copper pots.

I love it when my cookware looks good – and when I have a whole matching set, it’s just the cherry on top! I get such a feeling of satisfaction seeing all these pans stacked neatly in my cupboard and I’m sure you’ll feel the same!

Cleaning & Storage

A huge selling point for Gotham Steel’s StackMaster series is, as the name suggests, their ability to stack within one another. The whole set has been specially designed to stack without damaging the coating, which can be a worry when stacking regular cookware. This feature is a huge space-saver and keeps your cupboards looking neat and tidy.

As these are a breeze to store, they are also a breeze to clean! The whole set, down to the lids and utensils, is dishwasher safe, which is a huge time saver. If you are washing by hand they are also very easy to clean because of their ceramic nonstick coating. Food should slide off the pan with just a little coaxing from a soft sponge.

Longevity & Warranty

StackMaster pans are designed to be long-lasting. As I mentioned in the materials section, the aluminum is incredibly durable and the nonstick coating is very strong. But it is worth mentioning that the nonstick coating might not be as scratch-resistant as the brand likes to claim. Many customers have experienced the surface scratching, but this should not affect how well the nonstick coating works.

This set has a 10-year warranty, which I think is a huge green flag. This indicates that they know these pans can last you a long time without degrading. So if, as some customers complain, the surface gets scratched, you can get a new one for free without hassle.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your pans last as long as possible. One of the main ways is to avoid using metal utensils on them. The brand says that the coating is safe for metal utensils but a lot of customers online have complained that this causes significant scratching on the surface.

I would also avoid using non-stick spray as this can degrade nonstick coatings. When cooking, make sure to only use low to medium heat and never overheat them as this will make them deteriorate faster.

Where Can You Buy Gotham Stackmaster Pans?

As in many cases, the best place to get the Gotham StackMaster pans is Amazon. Gotham Steel has a full storefront there with all its products on display for you to peruse. I find using Amazon is the most convenient method because you can get the exact set you want, no matter where you live. In this case, this specific set is not available on the brand’s website so Amazon is almost your only option.

Alternatively, this set is also available here:

Real Reviews of Stackmaster Pans

Whenever you buy an investment product like this, it’s key to find out how other customers have fared so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. I have scoured the internet and read so many stellar reviews about this set that it seems like a solid investment. Most reviews highlight how easy these are to store, how durable they are, and how well the nonstick works, even after months of consistent use.

Most verified Amazon buyers said they didn’t mind the pots being a bit heavy but complained that the handles get very hot when cooking. 

Check out the video from boompowzap below, where he says they love how well they’ve worn over 5 months of constant use.

Gotham Steel Stack Master stackable pan NO oil or butter cook test. After 5 months review

Here is what some customers online had to say about this set:

On Amazon:

On Wayfair:


Not entirely sold on the Gotham Steel StackMaster? Well then, let’s take a look at a few alternative options:

Gotham Steel Nonstick Hammered 15-piece Cookware Set

Since I mentioned these before, I feel I can’t neglect to include this gorgeous Gotham Steel Nonstick Hammered Cookware Set.

This cookware set has a copper look inside and out so they look just as beautiful as the StackMasters except with a really stunning hammered finish. The nonstick coating is Gotham Steel’s trademarked TiCerama ceramic coating that is nontoxic and PFOA-free. I like both the nonstick coatings that the brand has to offer so you can’t go wrong with either in my opinion.

If you’re a keen baker and a keen chef then this set might suit you a little better than the StackMaster version. For a very similar price, this set has fewer pots but, instead, includes some baking trays, a muffin tin and various cake tins. Since they are so similar, the choice between these two really comes down to your personal cooking style and what you would get more use out of.

So, to compare the two:

  • Both very effective nonstick
  • Both suitable for all cooktops
  • Similar in price
  • Hammered pans are harder to store than this stackable StackMasters
  • StackMaster handles get hot while the Hammered have cool-touch handles

Carote Nonstick White Granite 11pc Pots and Pans Set

If you’re looking for a totally new type of material then I recommend the Carote Nonstick White Granite Cookware Set. This unique set is made from granite that is non-stick as well as PFOA, lead, and cadmium free. So while the nonstick is just as effective as the Gotham Steel Cast Texture, the pans are considerably heavier, which I find laborious.

Like the Gotham Steel, these pans are compatible on all stove tops so they are just as versatile, which is a huge selling point for me for any cookware. An area where the Carote set thrives however is in the cool-touch handles that make handling them so simple.

The Carote set has six less pieces but it is half the price of the Gotham option so this is one I would consider if you’re on a slightly tighter budget. But you need to remember that, even though there are less pieces, it’s likely that the StackMaster will take up less space to store.

To compare the two side by side:

  • Carote’s granite is heavier than Gotham Steel’s aluminum
  • Both sets include utensils
  • Carote has less pots and pans
  • Both have powerful nonstick
  • Carote has cool touch handles while the Gotham handles get very hot

Read our full review of Carote Nonstick Pots and Pans Set

CAROTE Pots and Pans Set Nonstick

✅ Eco-friendly White Granite

✅ PFOS/PFOA free

✅ Easy to clean

✅ All cooktops compatible

Check Today's Price Full Review

GreenPan Prime Midnight Hard Anodized Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

The GreenPan Prime Midnight Hard Anodized Cookware Set is a set from a brand known for its quality nonstick cookware. This set uses the brand’s trademarked Thermolon nonstick coating that is made from diamond-reinforced ceramic. This is incredibly effective and makes clean up super easy.

While this set is a similar price, it doesn’t include utensils as the Gotham set does. But the main issue I have with this set in comparison is the appearance and storage. The copper-look Gotham set is clearly much more attractive than the GreenPan option, which just looks like regular pans. The StackMaster also takes up significantly less space when stored because of their stacking ability.

  • GreenPan set is not as attractive as the Gotham set.
  • GreenPan is slightly cheaper
  • Both are dishwasher safe
  • Both oven safe
  • StackMaster easier to stall
GreenPan Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick

✅ Metal utensil safe

Oven safe up to 600°F.

✅ Toxin-free

✅ All cooktops compatible

Check Today's Price


Storing cookware can be a huge pain, especially in a small apartment but if you make the right investment then this will be a problem of the past! The Gotham StackMaster Cookware set stacks are the perfect space-saving solution because they are designed to stack inside one another. But they don’t just store easily, they are also incredibly durable pots and pans with a high-quality nonstick coating that you can rely on.

Click here to check out the product for yourself and, hopefully, discover your new cookware set.

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