Ellyn Eddy

Ellyn Eddy

Author and editor
Cookware testing
Food preparation

Location: Chicago, USA


  • Ellyn specializes in culinary topics, product reviews, and pet care subjects. Notable experience in B2B ghostwriting, B2C sales copy, and content creation for nonprofit organizations.
  • Versatile writer and editor with a profound love for research and storytelling, authoring six published books, five of which cater to children and young adults.
  • Key contributor to diverse platforms, including works for the American Symphony Orchestra in New York.


Ellyn Eddy is an accomplished author and editor with a profound expertise in the culinary domain. Ellyn boasts extensive hands-on experience in creating wedding cakes and a deep cultural connection to hosting and food preparation in her community.

If you're looking for advice on how to recreate that fancy dish from your favorite restaurant, Ellyn is the friend you'd call. When she isn't writing, Ellyn is out there baking wedding cakes, hosting big family get-togethers, and making sure new moms in the community get a healthy home-cooked meal.

When she's not juggling all that, she’s probably with her kids, showing them the ropes in the kitchen or out in the garden, or maybe even making a movie.


  • Completed rigorous online courses in writing and content marketing.
  • Gained valuable insights into the nitty-gritty of writing while working with top-notch web publishers and writing mentors.
  • Having ghostwritten for big players in various industries, Ellyn learned to navigate diverse niches, adapting her voice to cater to different audiences.

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Why is Caraway cookware so popular? Is it really non-toxic or just greenwashed? Check out our in-depth review to learn why Caraway scored 78/100 on our tests.

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The De Buyer Mineral B has been a chef favorite for decades – but the Matfer Bourgeat gives it a run for its money. Find out which carbon steel pan is best in this detailed review.

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Why is Staub So Expensive? Is It Worth it?

Though not as old as Le Creuset, Staub is a famous French brand with quite a price tag. Why is Staub cookware so expensive, and is it worth the money? Let’s find out!

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The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Oven Dishwasher Safety 

The answer might surprise you! Find out which types of Dutch ovens are dishwasher safe, and how to weigh the risks of dishwashing your enameled cast iron.

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The Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Pan is hailed by restaurant owners, YouTubers, and home chefs as the best of the best – but why? Get the details in this review.

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Le Creuset vs Staub vs Lodge Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset vs Staub vs Lodge Dutch Ovens: Tests with Photos (2024)

We cooked in Le Creuset, Staub, and Lodge enameled iron Dutch ovens for two months to see if the high-end brands were worth the expense.

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How Do You Cook in Enameled Cast Iron Like a Pro Chef

Unlock the full potential of your enameled cast iron cookware with this simple guide! Learn the ins and outs of how to use your enameled cast iron and become a kitchen master.

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How Long Do Ceramic Pans Last? 5 Important Signs It Is Time To Replace.

Explore the lifespan of ceramic pans. Get insights into durability, maintenance and tips for making it last longer.

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What Is The Best Size for a Dutch Oven? I Tested Multiple Sizes to Find Out

I tested 5qt vs 6qt vs 7qt Dutch ovens with stew, roasts, sourdough, and more! I discovered how many people small and large Dutch ovens can feed and which one I want to buy.

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Where is Le Creuset Cookware Manufactured? 6 Important Things to Know Before Buying.

Discover the birthplace of Le Creuset cookware and find out where it is made today. Are the enameled iron ovens still cast in the famous cauldron of France?

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De Buyer Mineral B Review – Testing the Classiest Carbon Steel Pan

Watch me cook steak, crepes, and eggs in this De Buyer Mineral B review and compare this fry pan to other carbon steel skillets.

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What's the secret to keeping your wings crispy, juicy, and deliciously safe for consumption? From fridge to freezer, we've got the tips to ensure your wings stay finger-licking good!

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