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Calphalon cookware review

Calphalon occupies a niche of its own in the household cookware market. 

When I was hanging out at a mom’s group recently, I asked, “Hey, does anybody have a Calphalon pan?” A whole bunch of hands went up. And several more people said, “I think so… I’d have to check the brand.” 

Calphalon is that brand that almost everybody owns but nobody brags about. It’s the “nice but not luxury” cookware sold at all the common outlets where you and your mom shop. You can find it at Khols, Target, JCPenney, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon. Basically – anywhere you’d fill out a wedding registry. 

I was given a 13-piece Calphalon set for my wedding. This Calphalon cookware review is based on several years of experience using these pots and pans. We’ll talk about whether or not Calphalon is worth the money and how it compares to the other cookware sets that I own or test professionally.

A Review of Calphalon Cookware Collections

Calphalon’s lineup of cookware collections is ever-evolving – probably to give each of the various retailers that stock the brand their own “unique” product. While this works great for department stores, it causes confusion for buyers who simply want to know the differences between all the options and select the best Calphalon cookware collection for their budget. 

The main Calphalon collections available at the time of this writing are called:

  • Elite
  • Signature
  • Premier
  • Select
  • Classic
  • Simply Calphalon

These are unfortunately vague names that don’t communicate any detail about the products themselves. Basically, the collection names are listed above in descending order of construction quality. The Elite and Signature lines will cost the most and are made of thicker gauge steel or aluminum. The collections at the bottom of the list – Classic and Simply Calphalon – are budget pans that probably won’t last more than a couple of years.

A Review of Calphalon Cookware Collections

What are Calphalon Pans Made of?

All the Calphalon collections include cookware sets with nonstick (PTFE-based) coatings – though these vary in quality and thickness. 

The Signature, Premier, Select, and Classic collections include both nonstick-coated and fully-clad stainless steel sets.

There are sets of three different materials in the Classic collection: nonstick, stainless steel, and Calphalon’s first venture into the oh-so-popular ceramic cookware.

Take a look at this bird’s eye view of the differences between the Calphalon collections now. We’ll review each of them in detail later in the article.

Calphalon Elite
Nonstick Cookware
Calphalon Signature
Calphalon Premier
Calphalon Classic
Select by Calphalon
Simply Calphalon
Star rating:4.5 ⭐️4.8 ⭐️4.6 ⭐️3.8 ⭐️3.5 ⭐️3.0 ⭐️
Surface Material:Nonstick PTFE Coating5-ply Stainless Steel or
Hard Anodized Nonstick
Stainless Steel or
3-layer PTFE Nonstick
Stainless Steel,
Hard Anodized Nonstick
or Oil Infused Ceramic
Stainless Steel or
Hard Anodized Nonstick
Core Material:Hard Anodized AluminumAluminum Core or
Hard-Anodized Aluminum
Aluminum core or
Hard-Anodized Aluminum
Aluminum or
Hard-Anodized Aluminum
Hard Anodized Aluminum
or Impact Bonded Aluminum
Hard Anodized Aluminum
Colors:BlackStainless Steel,
Stainless Steel,
Stainless Steel,
Black, Dark Gray
Stainless Steel
Black, Gray
Oven safe:Yes to 500°FYes to 500°FYes to 450°FYes to 450°FYes to 400°FYes to 400°F
Induction compatible:NoYes: Stainless Steel.
No: Nonstick.
Yes: Stainless Steel.
No: Nonstick.
Yes: Stainless Steel.
No: Nonstick or Oil
Infused Ceramic.
Differences between the Calphalon collections now

Calphalon Premier Stainless Steel Cookware Review

To help you choose which of the Calphalon sets is the best buy for your needs, I’ll share how I’ve used my Calphalon Premier stainless steel pans, what I like about them, and what challenges they present.

Calphalon Premier Stainless Steel Cookware Set – The Basics


Our rating:

What’s Included in the Calphalon 13-piece Stainless Steel Set?

The full 13-piece set of Calaphon Premier stainless steel cookware on Amazon includes:

  • 10" Fry Pan
  • 12" Fry Pan with Lid
  • 1.5 qt Saucepan with lid
  • 2.5 qt Saucepan with lid
  • 5 qt Saute pan with lid
  • 8 qt Stock Pot with a lid
  • Steamer insert
  • Pasta Insert

This set only comes in one color, of course: stainless steel.

Note: The set I’m reviewing here is not the stacking set of Premier stainless steel pots - but the steel quality and performance of the two sets are very similar. The only main difference is the shape of the pans. The Premier Space Saver pans and lids are all of similar diameter to al

Quick Overview:

  • Materials: A layer of steel on top and bottom with an aluminum core that doesn’t make contact with your food.
  • Oven Safe: Up to 450°F 
  • Broiler Safe: No
  • Microwave Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: Yes
  • Compatible cooktops: electric, glass, gas, induction


  • Tri-ply construction
  • Oven safe
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Can last for decades


  • Not nonstick without oil
  • Can discolor if overheated
  • Very heavy

How do Calphalon Stainless Steel Pans Perform?

I’ve cooked all kinds of cuisines in my Calphalon stainless steel pans. There’s almost nothing that you couldn’t use them for! But when I’m reviewing cookware, I like to put it through four specific tests so I can see how each pan compares to all the other ones I’ve tried on the same stove with the same ingredients.

Test 1: Cooking Eggs in a Calphalon Stainless Steel Fry Pan

I betcha that scrambled eggs were the whole reason nonstick pans were invented. There’s seriously nothing so sticky – and so hard to wash off – as egg white protein. So can you successfully cook eggs in stainless steel?

Yes, you can! The key to a perfect fried or scrambled egg is to get the surface temperature of the pan just right. The Calphalon Premier stainless steel pans have layers of thick steel above and below the aluminum core, so they won’t overheat easily – which is great for eggs! The downside of that is that you need to use higher heat (or wait longer) to bring them up to temperature than you do with aluminum pans.

Test 1: Cooking Eggs in a Calphalon Stainless Steel Fry Pan

They also don’t respond to temperature changes as quickly as aluminum or copper. This problem is compounded if you’re using stainless steel on an electric burner that doesn’t change temperatures immediately like a gas stove can. So if you do overheat your pan and then put the eggs in, you may have to remove it from the cooktop entirely to get it to cool quickly enough – or you’ll overcook your breakfast.

Once you get the hang of bringing the pan up to temperature, it works well for eggs and is less likely to toast them than a thin aluminum pan. I cook fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets with my Calphalon stainless steel pans. 

You do, however, need a substantial amount of oil to keep eggs from sticking, and you need to add the oil at the right time. Heat the pan first until water droplets dance on it. Then add the oil. Then add the eggs immediately into the center of the oil.

Cooking Eggs in a Calphalon Stainless Steel Fry Pan

If you get this right, you can impress your friends by making eggs that don’t stick in a stainless steel pan. If you get the heat or the timing or the amount of oil wrong, you’ll be scrubbing residue with a scour. Thankfully, since it’s stainless steel, this pan can take a fair bit of scrubbing without being damaged. (Use a plastic scour rather than steel wool.)

Takeaway: Calphalon stainless steel pans don’t overheat too quickly. Once they are at temperature, you can add oil and then successfully cook eggs without them sticking very much.

Test 2: Pancakes

Stainless steel isn’t usually my go-to for pancakes. I prefer to use ceramic nonstick, carbon steel, or a good old-fashioned cast iron griddle. But for the sake of a thorough review, I tried my favorite pancake batter on the Calphalon Premier stainless steel skillet.

Because stainless steel isn’t a good heat conductor, the pancakes took longer to cook on the Calphalon skillet than they do on aluminum or cast iron. I flipped them too early at first and made a big mess. With the help of plenty of oil and patience, I did get a decent batch of pancakes on the stainless steel skillet – but I still wouldn’t recommend it for this use.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Pans Test 2: Pancakes

Size-wise, though, the 10” and 12” skillets were just right for making a batch of 3” pancakes.

Takeaway: You have to use so much oil to get pancakes that don’t stick on Calphalon stainless steel that it makes the final product too greasy.

Test 3: Boiling Water

The purpose of the water boil test is to see how quickly a pan heats up and how well it distributes the heat across the cooking surface. It also gives us a chance to see how the pan performs under prolonged heat exposure.

I poured two cups of water into the Calphalon stainless steel skillet and turned the gas to medium-high. The water came to a boil more quickly than I expected – thanks to the aluminum core that runs through the whole surface of the pan. This allowed the sides of the pan to transfer heat to the contents – not just the bottom as in impact-bonded pans (which only have aluminum plates stuck to the bottom of the pan). 

Calphalon Stainless Steel Pans Test 3: Boiling Water

However, I suspect that the aluminum layer in these pans isn’t super thick. The water didn’t boil evenly across the pan, but the boiling was concentrated on the edges. This means that the pan didn’t heat as evenly as some cheap aluminum pans that I’ve used.

The advantage this pan has over aluminum is that it can withstand moderate heat cooking for longer. After 20 minutes of boiling water, the pan showed no discoloration or damage.

Takeaway: Calphalon Premier stainless steel pans are great for extended use on high heat. They won’t warp or discolor. However, they don’t heat as quickly and evenly as aluminum pans. For the most even heat distribution, use this pan on an electric or glass burner that’s the same size as the pan’s base.

Test 4: Searing and Sauteing 

I do like my stainless steel for searing and sauteing. I use it to saute zucchini for my kids almost every day. Its relatively low heat conductivity makes it resistant to overheating and burning – even if it takes a little longer to cook the veggies. This makes it great for caramelizing onions, too.

And, though it takes longer than aluminum to come to temperature, once it’s hot enough to sear meat, it does a very good job. The only pan I have that performs better for searing meat is cast iron, and that’s just by a little bit.

Searing and Sauteing 

The Calphalon Premier stainless steel cookware is oven-safe to 450°F, so I can sear steak or potatoes and toss the whole thing in the oven to finish. 

The only major caution I would mention is to not use cooking oil sprays on this pan, especially if you plan to cook on high heat. The very thin layer of oil from cooking sprays burns almost immediately, making an ugly oxidized mess that’s really hard to remove – and that you wouldn’t want to ingest.

Here’s a photo of my 10” Calphalon Premier stainless steel pan. I used cooking spray on it, and the oil quickly burned around the edges and has been a beast to remove. (Gotta pull out the Bar Keepers’ Friend.)

Calphalon Stainless Steel Pans Test 4: Searing and Sauteing 

Takeaway: Stainless steel is great for searing because it can handle high and direct burner heat without warping or releasing harmful chemicals from the cookware itself. (Burning oil can release toxins, though!)

Design and Aesthetics

Score0/10 Points

Calphalon pans look modern, but their aesthetics aren’t a major selling point. The nonstick and oil-infused ceramic pans stick with a black and silver color scheme. The stainless steel sets include varying amounts of nickel, so the brightness of the finish varies from set to set. 

Design and Aesthetics

Materials and Construction

Score (for Premier Collection)0/10 Points

The Calphalon Premier stainless steel set that I reviewed in this article is well-crafted. The pans feel thick and heavy and the pans perform like high-grade steel – even though the Calphon website declines to share which of their sets use 18/10 (or highest food grade) stainless steel.

Materials and Construction

The build quality is the biggest difference between the higher-end Calphalon collections (like Premier and Signature) and the lower-end collections like Classic and Simply Calphalon. The higher-end lines of Calphalon nonstick use hard anodized aluminum and several layers of nonstick coatings, so they will be less likely to warp, dent, or scratch.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Score0/10 Points

This might sound funny, but one of my favorite things about Calphalon pans is their long handles. They look sleek, balance the weight of the pan well, and extend far enough away from the flame that they don’t get hot when you’re cooking. 

The handles on most pans are attached with three rivets, instead of just two like in some other brands.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The Premier stainless steel cookware is hefty. It’s strong enough to hold up to high-intensity cooking, but not too heavy to handle. The 10” skillet weighs 2.2 pounds, and the stock pot weighs 4.5 pounds.

The nonstick sets are lighter weight since they are made of aluminum and not steel.


Score0/10 Points

The Calphalon Premier stainless steel sets can cook just about everything – and if you get the Premier™ Space-Saving Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set, it can cook just about everywhere, too! This set is great for small apartments or even RV life. 

Calphalon nonstick cookware is not as versatile as stainless steel, because it can’t handle high heat or metal utensils. So searing and stir-frying is off the table in a nonstick pan. 

Longevity and Warranty

Score0/10 Points

The Calphalon Premier cookware set that I have has been going strong for nine years – and keeps on cooking. Apart from some stains I need to clean off occasionally, it looks and works just like new.

I would only give the Premier nonstick sets a 3.5 / 5 rating for durability. The pans themselves are well made and would long outlast the coating. Reviewers say that the Premier 3-layer nonstick coatings hold up to 3-4 years of regular use – if you’re careful never to use them on high heat. 

Longevity and Warranty

Calphalon Classic pans only have 2 layers of nonstick coating, and Simply Calphalon pans have 1 layer. So these pans aren’t meant for long-term use and will end up in the landfill after a couple of years. This makes stainless steel a much more sustainable option – even if there’s a learning curve to using it.

The warranty on Calphalon pans is standard for cookware. The company warrants its sets against manufacturing defects when put to normal household use. Use in a commercial kitchen voids the warranty.

Safety Notice

As far as I can tell from my research, all of the Calphalon stainless steel pans contain nickel. While this is common – nickel gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance and bright finish – it could cause problems for those with nickel allergies.

Safety Notice

Calphalon nonstick coatings are made of PTFE, which is a non-branded form of Teflon. Calphalon coatings are made by GMM – not by the Chemour company (the manufacturer of Teflon) – but they contain pretty much the same chemicals as Teflon and are just as dangerous to overheat.

Just remember that there are many different perspectives on the overall safety of PTFE cookware.

All the Calphalon Cookware Collections Compared

Calphalon Elite Nonstick Cookware (Williams-Sonoma Elite)


Our rating:

The Williams-Sonoma Elite Nonstick Cookware is the only Calphalon collection that is manufactured in the United States. This collection comes with a lifetime warranty.

This cookware is billed as dishwasher safe, and its PFOA-free nonstick purports to withstand metal utensil use, specifically whisk, spoon, and spatula. Just know, though, that metal utensils and dishwasher use is usually a death knell for nonstick coatings, and if you want these pricey pans to last 3+ years, you’re better off hand washing and using silicone utensils.

This collection is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing a “one pot cooking” experience. This set comes with glass lids so you can see your food as it’s cooking – but don’t put the lids in the oven.

The Elite collection is available in cookware sets or open stock. Sets include a 15-piece set, 10-piece set, a 3-piece fry set, a 2-piece fry set and a 3-piece fry and saute set.  There are also plenty of pieces sold individually. All of these sets are nonstick coated; there is no stainless steel option in the Elite collection.

Calphalon Elite cookware is only available at Williams-Sonoma, so you can’t shop around for a better price. Since it’s one of the most expensive Calphalon sets, I would like to see a higher rating from real users. Several of the ratings I can find online come from paid promotions – and you know how reliable those can be.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: Nonstick PTFE Coating 
  • Core Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Black
  • Oven safe: yes to 500°F
  • Induction compatible: No
  • Price: 💰💰💰💰


  • Made in the USA
  • Many sets options and individual pieces available
  • Oven safe to 500F
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Expensive
  • Exclusive to Williams-Sonoma
  • Few Ratings

Calphalon Signature Cookware


Our rating:

Calphalon Signature cookware is one of the most expensive Calphalon collections, with both stainless steel and nonstick options running about the same price. The Signature collection’s triple-layer non-stick coating is said to be 1.5 times more durable than the coating used in the Calphalon Classic Cookware. Good Housekeeping has recognized the nonstick cookware in this collection as “Best Overall Nonstick Cookware.”

The stainless steel pans have a 5-layer metal construction with a triple-layer aluminum core. This collection is marketed as “professional-level quality” but is not meant for commercial use.

Like the Elite collection, the Signature collection is also oven-safe to 500°F.

The Signature stainless steel option is only available in a 10-piece cookware set. It’s really pricey – but probably worth it for 5-ply stainless that will literally last for generations. 

The Signature nonstick cookware option comes in both a 10-piece set and in individual pieces. In my opinion, the nonstick option is not a good buy. It costs just as much as the stainless steel set, but users complain that the nonstick coating only lasts a few years. The pans themselves are built like tanks, heavy to lift, and would outlast the coatings.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: 5-ply Stainless Steel or Hard Anodized Nonstick
  • Core Material: Aluminum Core or Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Black
  • Oven safe: Yes to 500°F
  • Induction compatible: Yes: Stainless Steel, No: Nonstick
  • Price: 💰💰💰💰


  • Hard-to-find 5-layer stainless steel construction
  • “Best Overall Nonstick Cookware” from Good Housekeeping
  • Oven safe to 500°F
  • Stainless steel is scratch-resistant
  • Stainless steel is dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Quite Expensive
  • Nonstick coatings scratch and degrade
  • Nonstick coating is PTFE
  • Both sets are heavy

Calphalon Premier Cookware


Our rating:

Premier is the primary Calphalon set you can find on Amazon and the one I tested in this article. It’s not cheap, but won’t give you quite the sticker shock that Elite or Signature collections will. 

There are several different set options in the Premier collection – some of which nest together to save space in your cabinets. Here are some handy links if you want to check out the options:

The stainless steel cookware in this collection has 3-ply construction, a step down from the 5-ply in Signature collection. It’s still fully-clad, though, which means the aluminum core runs all through the sides of the pan for better heat distribution.

The nonstick version of Premier cookware is coated with 3 layers of Calphalon’s MineralShield technology. Calphalon doesn’t reveal what’s actually in this coating besides PTFE, but claims it’s 5x more durable than the prior generation of Calphalon Classic.

The Stainless Steel is available in a 13-piece set, an 11-piece set, a 10-piece set, an 8-piece set, and individual pieces. The Non-stick set is available in a 13-piece set, an 11-piece set, a 10-piece set, an 8-piece set, several 2-piece sets, and individual pieces.

Most reviewers – like me – love this set of pots and pans, but some complain that the lids are poor quality. They can allow water to seep in and get stuck in the lids until it slowly drains into the clean cookware during storage. I haven’t noticed this with my set, but maybe I’m lucky.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: Stainless Steel or 3-layer PTFE Nonstick coating
  • Core Material: Aluminum core or Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Black
  • Oven safe: Yes to 450°F
  • Induction compatible: Yes: Stainless Steel, No: Nonstick
  • Price: 💰💰💰


  • Stackable options
  • Stainless steel is dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 450F
  • Nonstick is 5x more durable than Calphalon Classic
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Lids allow water to seep in
  • Handles may get hot on stackable sets
  • Nonstick coating can scratch
  • Nonstick coating is not high heat tolerant

Calphalon Classic Cookware


Our rating:

Calphalon Classic stainless steel sets are impact-bonded – which means that rather than having an aluminum core throughout the sides of the cookware like the higher-end collections, they have a plate of aluminum set into the base. 

The oil-infused ceramic option is great for those who want to use less oil or butter when they cook, as it eliminates the need to use either as long as the coating holds up! However, if you want to use a little oil for flavor, this coating can make it difficult. Users report that butter or oil tends to bead up and run to the sides of the pan. Overall, ceramic is believed to be a “most likely safe” alternative to PTFE coatings.

Calphalon Classic stainless steel is available in a 10-piece cookware set, or you can purchase two stock pots individually on the Calphalon website.

The Hard Anodized Nonstick is available in a 14-piece set, a 14-piece set with “no boil-over” inserts, a 10-piece set with inserts, or a 10-piece set.  You can also buy individual pieces or small 2-piece sets.

The Oil Infused Ceramic is available in an 11-piece set, a 2-piece fry set, or a 12” fry pan.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: Stainless Steel, Hard Anodized Nonstick or Oil Infused Ceramic
  • Core Material: Aluminum or Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Black, Dark Gray
  • Oven safe: Yes to 450°F
  • Induction compatible: Yes: Stainless Steel, No: Nonstick or Oil Infused Ceramic
  • Price: 💰💰


  • Affordable
  • Oven safe to 450°F
  • Available in stainless steel, nonstick, and ceramic
  • Stainless steel and nonstick have a lifetime warranty


  • Lower construction quality
  • Handles get hot
  • Can’t use metal utensils
  • Ceramic is difficult to use with additional oil/butter
  • Oil infused ceramic has 10-year limited warranty

Select by Calphalon Cookware


Our rating:

Similar to the Classic collection, the Select nonstick pans are coated in Calphalon’s Aquashield technology. The sets are also stackable, so you can get space-saving features at a lower price than Premier stackable sets. However, some report that the pots and pans get scratched during stacking, especially around the rims.

It features silicone-wrapped handles and is generally lighter weight than other collections.

The Stainless Steel cookware has a 10 year warranty, while the Nonstick has a lifetime warranty. 

Stainless Steel is available in a 10-piece cookware set only.

The Nonstick version is available in a 14-piece set, 12-piece set, 9-piece set, or 8-piece set.  You can also buy individual pieces or small 2-piece sets.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: Stainless Steel or Hard Anodized Nonstick
  • Core Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum or Impact Bonded Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Stainless Steel
  • Oven safe: Yes to 400°F
  • Induction compatible: No
  • Price: 💰


  • Affordable
  • Space-saving
  • Highly rated by users despite lower price


  • Only oven safe to 400°F
  • Not metal utensil safe
  • Nonstick is not dishwasher safe
  • Thinner construction than other collections

Simply Calphalon Cookware


Our rating:

The most affordable of the Calphalon collections, Simply Calphalon only comes in PTFE nonstick – not stainless steel or ceramic.

This set is made with thinner gauge aluminum, so it is lighter than the Premier or the Signature Collection – but it’s still hard anodized. Like the Select collection, the handles are covered in silicone to keep them from heating up.

This is a decent set for casual cooks on a budget. You aren’t paying for frills, features, or fancy aesthetics. Several users have mentioned durability issues, with the pans warping in less than a year. Others claim they get 3-5 years of use out of the collection. Just make sure you’ve researched the safety concerns surrounding PTFE cookware before making this purchase.

Simply Calphalon is available in a 10-piece set and as individual pieces.

The warranty is a bit confusing, as the Calphalon website says it has a 10-year limited warranty and also states it has a “Lifetime warranty” on the same page. In one review, Calphalon refers to the “10-year limited warranty”, so I believe it is the correct warranty for this set.

Quick Overview:

  • Surface Material: Nonstick
  • Core Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Gray
  • Oven safe: Yes to 400°F
  • Induction compatible: No
  • Price: 💰


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Silicone handles


  • Only oven safe to 400°F
  • Not metal utensil safe
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not much covered under warranty
  • Durability concerns

What is the Best Calphalon Cookware Set?

I’m thoroughly convinced that the best Calphalon cookware set is the Premier stainless steel. The Signature set is of higher construction quality, but its cost puts it out of range for many home cooks. The Premier set that I reviewed in detail in this article has been strong enough to last me nine years, and I expect to use it for decades to come.

#1 Recommendation: Premier Stainless Steel Set

Top Pick

The stainless steel cookware in this collection has 3-ply construction. It is strong enough to last for years. It is fully-clad - the aluminum core runs all through the sides of the pan for better heat distribution.

The nonstick sets don’t have nearly the life expectancy of stainless steel. 

The Best Alternative to Calphalon Cookware

Calphalon has great options if you want a standard nonstick cookware set or a good tri-ply stainless steel one. But the brand doesn’t have a strong offering in ceramic cookware. If you’ve considered the risks of PTFE cookware and decided it’s not for you – but you aren’t ready for the learning curve that comes with stainless steel pans, then ceramic is a great alternative.

GreenPan Paris Pro Ceramic Cookware Set

The GreenPan Paris Pro set is comparable in price and construction quality to Calphalon, but it has a PTFE-free ceramic coating. In fact, this set is probably more versatile than standard nonstick or stainless steel, since it’s oven-safe up to 600°F and able to cook sticky foods like eggs with just a touch of oil. 

This set includes an 8” fry pan, 9.5” fry pan, 11” fry pan, 2QT saucepan, 3QT saucepan, 3QT skillet, 11’’ griddle, 11’’ grill pan, stainless steel steamer, 5.5QT casserole dish, and four lids. In fact, the only “drawback” to this set is that it might have way more pieces than you’ll use!

Recommended Alternative: GreenPan Paris Pro Ceramic Cookware Set

This set is more versatile than standard nonstick or stainless steel, since it’s oven-safe up to 600°F and able to cook sticky foods like eggs with just a touch of oil. 

In Sum

Calphalon is one of the most common brands of household cookware. The collections vary in quality from sturdy 5-layer construction to cheap pans only intended to last a few years.

If you want a solid set of stackable stainless steel pans, go for the Premier collection. But if you want nonstick, you may find other brands like T-Fal last longer and work better.

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