35 Creative Gifts For People Who Like To Cook

Maryana Lucia Vestic
Maryana Lucia Vestic

Maryana Lucia Vestic

Maryana is a professional baker and recipe developer. She runs Ravenswood Bakes, a sweet and savory bakery in Rhode Island. Her work has been featured in many prominent food publications.

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Gifts for People Who Like To Cook

There’s almost no end to the fun and creative gifts you can give someone who loves to cook!

Our guide to 35 creative gifts for people who like to cook covers all the bases. Basics like a farmhouse skillet and “fiddle” bread knife will complete anyone’s kitchen. Or you can help them venture into a new culinary sphere with a sushi making kit, pasta art kit, or a dumpling maker.

#1 Meat Lovers Unite – Maple Wood Carving Board

Maple Wood Carving Board with Spikes
Those who love presenting a roast to a table full of hungry people will appreciate this solidly built carving board. It’s constructed from Vermont maple wood, includes a well for juices, and has spikes to keep the meat in place.
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Cooks will be thankful they have this board on hand the next time they carve the perfect turkey or roast beef. This curiously-designed carving board looks just as cool in the kitchen when not in use.

#2 Handle With Care – Cast Iron Care Kit

Cast Iron Care Kit - Challenger Breadware

The debate over how to care for cast iron cookware is finally over! Surprise a cast-iron aficionado with this clever cast-iron care kit from Challenger Breadware. The kit contains three tools to make sure cast-iron stays looking like new for years to come. 

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It includes a bamboo brush for cleaning, a chainmail scrubber for carbonized food, and grapeseed seasoning oil. This set works like a first-aid kit for cast iron so each meal can taste as fresh and delicious as possible.  

#3 Go Green – Herb Garden Kit

HOME GROWN Deluxe Herb Garden Kit

The use of herbs can take a meal from good to great. Some fresh parsley, thyme, or oregano can make all the difference. But buying herbs regularly is expensive. So give the cook in your life their own herb garden kit! 

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This kit includes everything they’ll need to grow eight different herbs for cooking in separate pots. With seeds, peat discs, and saucers, the kit transforms any window sill into an herb garden fit for a chef.

#4 Cook in Luxury – Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet 

Farmhouse Skillet – Smithey Ironware

How many gifts can you think of that are hand-forged? One of the most magnificent examples is this Smithey farmhouse skillet made from carbon steel. Its design is eye-catching, to say the least. 

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Beyond the look, this highly effective pan comes pre-seasoned and is ready to use. Those you buy for may save this skillet for a special meal or use it every day. Either way, any home cook would be thrilled to have this farmhouse skillet in their kitchen.

#5 Cooking The Books – Cookbook Stand

Funistree Cookbook Stand with Chalkboard Eraser

While some cooking gifts are only practical, this cookbook stand fits into the thoughtful category. Cooks can use the stand when referring to their favorite cookbook recipe. They can also use the blackboard feature to take notes or list extra ingredients.

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The stand is shaped like a cutting board and includes key conversions which can help any chef plan out a recipe. It has adjustable angles so it can sit on the counter when in use or hang on the wall in between meals.

#6 Get Squared Away – Square Cake Pan

8.5-Inch Square Ceramic Cake Pan

This square cake pan by Xtrema is a trendy take on a kitchen staple. Made of 100% ceramic with no metal base, this square pan can be used for almost anything, sweet or savory.

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Whip up a pan of brownies or a batch of cinnamon buns in this elegant ceramic pan. It works just as well for any small casserole or tray of enchiladas. The Xtrema square pan will become a trusted companion in anyone’s kitchen.

#7 All in One – Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit

Delight those who love trying new things in the kitchen with the novelty of a sushi-making kit. It puts everything they’ll need in one place so they can enjoy the entire process. The kit contains elements like sushi rice, rice vinegar powder, and a bamboo rolling mat. 

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In addition to further instructions, the kit includes drink pairings for each batch of delicious sushi created. There’s nothing as incredible as tasting handmade sushi prepared from scratch.

#8 Get Shredded – Meat Claws

Culinary Couture Black Meat Shredder Claws

When it comes to BBQ experts, a pair of meat claws is indispensable at the grill. Besides looking cool, this set of claws easily shreds cooked meat evenly and safely. Pulled pork sliders taste better than ever once they’ve been shredded by hand!

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The claws work as well for a slow-cooked roast or rotisserie chicken that needs a full round of shredding before serving. They end up being equally as important in a cook’s station as much more expensive cooking gifts.

#9 From The Ocean – Sea Salt Sampler Set

Infused Sea Salt Sampler Set

Don’t forget about giving home cooks the best ingredients possible for their meals and bakes. This sampler gift set is for salt lovers who believe each dish requires a unique blend of salt. The set comes with six half-ounce packs of salts that vary in both appearance and flavor. 

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Choose between black lava and rosemary salt, or gourmet concoctions like garlic medley and smoked bacon chipotle. Whichever salt cooks use to season their next dish may become their new favorite.

#10 Accept the Challenge – Bread Pan

Challenger Bread Pan

Few gifts for people who like to cook are as indispensable as this Challenger Cookware Bread Pan. At The Skillful Cook, this pan is our #1 choice for bread baking!

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The popular pan heats evenly so any kind of bread cooks using the captured steam inside. Baguettes, rolls, or pizza are more likely to emerge with a crispy crust and chewy inside that can satisfy anyone’s tastes.

#11 Things Heat Up – Smart Meat Thermometer

Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer

Simply timing your meat in the oven will never give you the level of precision that using a thermometer can do. Not many cooking gifts come with wireless Bluetooth, but this one does! It works like an oven meat thermometer but leaves behind the wires that get in the way. 

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The Yummly app works together with the thermometer so cooks can check the temperature from up to 150 feet away. The thermometer comes with a magnetic charging dock too, so it never loses power. Talk about a smart way to ensure the perfect meal.

#12 In Time For The Harvest – Pumpkin Cocotte Set

Staub Ceramic Petite Pumpkin Cocotte Set

It doesn’t have to be autumn to add a little pumpkin-shaped bliss to a kitchen. It’s even better when cooks use the pumpkins to cook a meal. This set of stunning ceramic pumpkins by Staub can do both in style. 

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Use these pumpkins to cook soup, casseroles, or bread in a snap. They have handles for easily transporting them to and from a hot oven. When not in use, the pumpkin set is the kind of kitchen display that makes everyone smile.

#13 Never Frozen – Meat Defrosting Tray

BLAZIN' THAW Defrosting Tray

This meat defrosting tray is one of those cooking gifts you never thought you needed until you had one. The aluminum surface naturally thaws out frozen food safely and effectively. If cooks forget to take meat out of the freezer, the tray is a great way to avoid stressing out. 

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Steer clear of the funky textures that happen when defrosting in the microwave, and the potential health risks of defrosting in the sink. This nifty kitchen tool could become one of the favorite gifts cooks need in the kitchen.

#14 Feel The Heat – Silicone Oven Gloves

Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves

Giving someone a set of silicone oven gloves may not seem exciting, but they’ll thank you for this invaluable accessory! The silicone and cotton layers of the gloves can withstand heat up to 500°F. They also become the best kind of gift for grilling dads who know the difference between a chuck eye and a flat iron steak!

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The gloves keep the chef safe while barbecuing or dealing with high temperatures in any kitchen setting. 

#15 Fry Fabulous – Stir Fry Pan

8-Inch Pure Ceramic Stir Fry Pan

There are certain staples among cookware that end up being very important in the life of a cook. When you give someone you care about a stir fry pan, make sure it’s as high-quality as this one by Xtrema. The pan is eight inches in diameter and made from durable pure ceramic. This means it should last several times longer than a typical ceramic-coated pan!

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Whether using the pan for sauteing vegetables or simmering sauces, your favorite home cook is likely to come to depend on this innovative take on a classic cookware material. 

#16 Pretty in Pink – Himalayan Salt Block

POHS Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Block

This Himalayan salt can’t go in a grinder – but it will make food look and taste amazing! The minerals in this beautifully, naturally-colored Himalayan salt slab will increase the intensity of flavor for meats and other culinary creations. 

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The salt block also heats evenly to keep food warm while it’s being served. It’s a gorgeous and unique serving dish that everyone will remember.

#17 In The Cut – Herb Scissors

Kitchen Herb Shears Cutter

You’ve heard of kitchen shears – but have you heard of herb scissors? Your favorite home cook might not have either – but they’ll love using them! This ingenious pair of scissors has five blades in total, which snip herbs without crushing them, creating a green garnish that will make any dish Instagram-worthy.

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These scissors avoid bruising basil and can get the perfect dice on chives. The scissors are dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to care for.

#18 No Delivery Needed – Indoor Pizza Oven

Cuisinart Indoor Pizza Oven

Know someone who eats frozen pizza every other night? Help them cultivate a love for cooking with their own pizza oven! While they might not have room for a big stove oven outdoors, this Cuisinart pizza oven is made for indoor use. And though it doesn’t take up much countertop space, the pizza oven delivers flavor and a great bake. 

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With a top heat setting of 700°F, the oven makes any pizza style come to life in 5-10 minutes. It comes with a pizza stone, deep dish pan, and peel so the cook can consider themselves a pizza pro.

#19 Master the Dough – Walnut Bench Knife

Walnut Bench Knife - Challenger Breadware

As sourdough baking is seeing a resurgence, you’re sure to know a home cook who will appreciate this handcrafted walnut bench knife! This bench knife is also known as a dough scraper and is an invaluable baker’s tool, helping shape or portion dough.

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#20 Get Creative – Pasta Art Kit

Pasta Art DIY Kit

Some people who like to cook just love eating food; others have a bit of an artistic flare. from it. Pasta can be a great expression of culinary creativity with this pasta art kit. The kit comes with naturally-based dyes in vibrant colors like purple, green, yellow, and red – so it will even be “dye-free family” approved.

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The recipient of this gift can make sweet potato and carrot fettuccine, purple flower shapes, or stuffed beetroot ravioli for supper. With the pasta wheel and dough cutters, any pasta fan will make something unlike anything they’ve had before.

#21 Get Pressing – Dumpling Maker

Automatic Electric Dumpling Press Maker Machine

Those of us who love dumplings from any country will cheer for this easy-to-use dumpling maker. The automated machine makes gyoza, otherwise known as pot stickers in Japanese cuisine. Before too long, cooks can have a large batch of uniformly shaped dumplings made with their choice of fillings. 

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The dumpling maker isn’t tricky to clean and can be used often without worry. It’s a great tool when you want to make Asian food at home or need to plan a party celebrating dumplings.

#22 Measure For Measure – Kitchen Food Scale

Fradel Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Baking isn’t just an art – it’s a science. To get the best results on your bakes, you’ll need a precise scale. This digital scale gives accurate readings in multiple measurements like grams, ounces, and milliliters.

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This digital scale comes with a removable bowl, making it even easier to get an accurate reading. Cooks will also appreciate the clear LCD that prevents any need for squinting.

#23 For Fashionable Chefs – Personalized Kitchen Apron

Personalized Apron with Pockets

A good chef needs an apron worthy of their culinary abilities. This personalized apron will help any home cook feel special inside and out. Its cotton canvas material is durable, yet breathes when things get hot near the stove.

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The apron is also a favorite among bartenders, grillers, and those who create in a workshop. Choose between a particular style, color, and font for an apron that could only be made for one person. 

#24 Get Stuffed – Burger Press

Burger Press and Recipe eBook

For some of us, gifts for people who like to cook only matter when burgers are on the menu. Their love for hamburgers goes way beyond just grilling or pan-frying. With this unique burger press, burgermeisters can stuff their creation with anything they like. 

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It’s much easier to stuff a burger using the press than trying to by hand. Make a Juicy Lucy with cheese or serve burgers stuffed with peppers or bacon. The press comes with a recipe ebook for even more inspiration.

#25 Go Electric – Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Some of us are happy with regular salt and pepper shakers. But the someone you know who loves to cook may need more. Make their heart sing with this state-of-the-art set of salt and pepper shakers. They’re fully electric and come with LED light displays to let you know they’re busy grinding. 

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The settings can be adjusted for up to six levels of coarseness to finish off the perfect meal. Their sleek, modern look fits into any kitchen or on any table before, during, or after use.

#26 For The Grill Master – Grill Pan

8-Inch Ceramic Grill Pan

If you’re worried about cluttering up someone’s kitchen with a heavy grill pan, choose this pan by Xtrema. This grill pan is ceramic, making it much easier to clean than its cast-iron counterpart. The ceramic material provides plenty of toughness for any task, from the stovetop to the grill. 

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The 8-inch pan is big enough for a group of burgers, a couple of steaks, or even a personal pizza. It also stores easily – but the person you buy it for may never want to put it away. 

#27 Get Noodle Happy – Electric Pasta Maker

Electric Pasta Maker

Let’s face it — cooks who obsess over pasta rarely want to make anything else. Give in to the noodle madness by getting them an electric pasta maker. We all like to pretend we’re an Italian grandmother cranking out pasta, but once friends try this version, they’ll be hooked.

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The stainless steel appliance makes cleaning a snap after the pasta is served. Shape impressive dough sheets, spaghetti, or fettuccine without suffering from a sore arm afterward.

#28 Arch Your Bow – Fiddle Bread Knife

Fiddle Bread Knife

This fiddle bow-shaped bread knife is as much a work of art as it is a kitchen accessory. There is also an option for right vs. left-handed people who want to slice bread with ease.

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The visually striking knife not only cuts bread, but also cheese, meat, fruit, or vegetables. Plus, the bow knife looks really cool hanging in anyone’s kitchen.

#29 Make Space – Spice Storage Organizer

Magnetic Spice Storage Rack

The number one problem most cooks face in their kitchen may be lack of space. This spice storage organizer helps every inch of the kitchen in the best way possible. The metal shelves employ magnets that adhere to the side of a refrigerator for storage of all kinds. 

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It comes in a set of two or four, depending on the cook’s needs and the size of their refrigerator. These shelves help keep a pinch of nearly any ingredient nearby when cooking.

#30 Get Earthy – Mushroom Log Kit

Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit

Many home cooks also have a green thumb. If you need a unique foodie project for chefs to tackle, consider this shiitake mushroom log kit. It’s the ultimate science experiment for cooks who want to grow their own mushrooms at home.

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It just requires soaking and a cool, dark place for mushrooms to grow. The next time you’re enjoying delicious mushrooms on pizza or in risotto, be sure to thank the cook (and the log).

#31 Head To Paris – Le Creuset Crepe Pan

Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick PRO Crepe Pan

You might think that the cook on your list has every pot and pan imaginable – but do they have a Le Creuset pan made for crepes? It’s a wonderful way to introduce chefs to a new skill they didn’t know they had.

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The pan is meant for crepes, and comes with a rateau, the special tool needed for spreading crepes. Once they get the hang of it, you’ll probably be invited over very soon for a homemade crêpes Suzette brunch.

#32 Number One With Bread – Proofing Kit

Bread Proofing Kit

Baking bread is strangely simple and complex all at once, and relies on exact science to turn out perfectly. You can give a home baker this proofing box that takes the job seriously. The kit includes a fermentation mat which helps starters reach an exact temperature. 

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It doesn’t take up too much space while helping make dough into a wonderful loaf of bread. Cooks you know will feel like a scientist in their kitchen and likely make bread even more regularly than before.

#33 BBQ Box Set – Personalized Grill Set

Personalized BBQ Set

There is a big difference between a home cook and someone who loves to grill. Treat your favorite BBQ or smoker fan to a personalized set of grill tools for their next cookout. Once grillers open the custom-designed box, they’ll find helpful tools for the BBQ all in one place.

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The set has everything from tongs and a spatula to skewers for kabobs and a brush for basting. With all of these tools nearby, this BBQ chef won’t have to come indoors until it’s time to eat.

#34 Walk Away – Automatic Pot Stirrer

Automatic Pot Stirrer

If you’re looking for quirky gifts for people who like to cook (but have everything), choose this automatic pot stirrer. It’s ridiculously cute but is all about function. The stirrer attaches to the side of a pot to help balance a spoon. The spoon then automatically stirs for as long as is needed.

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It has multiple speeds so the stew, soup, or sauce in question will get the best stir motion possible. The stirrer can keep going for up to 10 hours for slow-cooking something overnight or during the day. It also works great as a gift for someone with limited mobility that needs help in the kitchen.

#35 Cooking With Science – Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This awesome molecular gastronomy kit is more than just a special recipe to share with a loved one. It’s inspired by a once-trending idea on social media called a raindrop cake. The kit has all the ingredients necessary to make the famously gluten-free, vegan, flourless cake. 

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Creativity comes into play since the person who makes this cake can flavor it any way they like. Hopefully, they’ll invite you to be the taste tester if you’re lucky.


We hope you’ve been inspired to spoil the cook in your life with one of the fun and interesting items on our list.

Have you already purchased one of these gifts for someone special? If so, make sure to include what they thought of the products in the comments below. 

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