D.G. Zoe Sciortino

D.G. Zoe Sciortino

Food trends
Restaurant industry

Location: New York


  • Seasoned Journalist and Food Writer with 16 years of experience, specializing in food, home, and lifestyle for the past six years.
  • Master's degree in Journalism from Iona College and a Bachelor's degree from Mercy College.
  • Featured in notable publications such as Mashed, Daily Meal, What Now Philly, Nhat Now Atlanta, Sweet & Savory, House Digest, Family Handyman, and Reader's Digest.


With a rich background spanning over a decade and a half in journalism, D.G. has honed her expertise in the food, home, and lifestyle niche, bringing stories and insights that both inform and entertain. Her work is featured in some of the worlds leading food and lifestyle publications.


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